Top 10 Dos and Don’ts During Pregnancy

The many stages of pregnancy can feel a bit overwhelming, even if you’ve already been through it before. To help keep you healthy and on track for a smooth delivery, Derakhsh Fozouni, MD provides comprehensive prenatal care.

As an experienced OB/GYN, Dr. Fozouni understands how confusing pregnancy can be. He offers the following tips to ease your concerns and ensure you’re doing everything you can for you and your growing baby.

Here are 10 tips for what to do and what not to do during pregnancy:

1.DO: Get plenty of rest

The many changes your body is experiencing can easily wipe you out. It’s important that you get plenty of sleep throughout your entire pregnancy to give your body time to rest and help you feel your best.

Try to account for at least eight to nine hours of sleep each night, and nap whenever you feel fatigued. Keep in mind that with a new baby you may not be able to get high-quality sleep for quite awhile, and you need to take advantage of every opportunity to sleep during pregnancy.

2. DON’T: Overdue caffeine

Watch the amount of caffeine you consume throughout your pregnancy. Although a cup or two of coffee each morning is generally fine, too much caffeine can impact your baby’s health.

Caffeine can reach your baby through the placenta and cause an increased heart rate. Stick with drinking water to stay well-hydrated, and limit caffeine as much as possible.

3. DO: Take your vitamins

Though a nutritious diet is important for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, you need to supplement your diet with a high-quality multivitamin.

Dr. Fozouni can recommend the right prenatal vitamin for you, which will contain higher amounts of nutrients, like folic acid, iron, and calcium. These nutrients are vital for your developing baby and ensures you’re supporting your own good health.

4. DON’T: Use the hot tub

When you’re expecting a baby, life can sometimes get stressful. There are many ways to unwind without risking your baby’s health, but you should save your hot tub time until after you deliver.

The high heat of a hot tub or sauna can raise your own body temperature and increase your baby’s risk for health problems and birth defects. There may even be a risk for miscarriage if you use a hot tub or sauna in the earliest stages of your pregnancy.

5. DO: Get your seasonal vaccinations

Getting a flu shot is wise for all pregnant women who can tolerate the vaccine. Because you don’t get the flu after receiving the shot, you don’t have to worry about becoming sick.

The flu shot can protect you from serious side effects of the influenza virus during your pregnancy and reduce your baby’s risk for flu-related complications.

6. DON’T: Clean up after the cat

If you have one or multiple cats in your home, it’s safe to feed and play with them during your pregnancy. However, you need to designate litter box duty to someone else.

Used cat litter contains numerous parasites and bacteria, including toxoplasma gondi, which can cause pregnancy complications, including stillbirth. You may also be exposing your unborn baby to long-term health issues, like seizures or mental dysfunction.

7. DO: Keep working out

Although you should take it easy during your pregnancy, you should still schedule daily activity to keep your heart pumping. Dr. Fozouni can work with you on a safe exercise plan to keep you healthy throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

Regular exercise can also improve your sleep quality, help you maintain a healthy weight, and alleviate common pregnancy-related muscle pains.

8. DON’T: Eat raw or unpasteurized products

Unpasteurized dairy products, raw meats, and undercooked eggs can increase your risk for illness related to bacterial growth and foodborne disease.

In addition to the complications of food poisoning, raw meats and dairy can lead to serious, life-threatening health issues for you and birth defects for your baby.

9. DO:  Enjoy pregnancy sex

In most cases, regular sex is good for your soul and your baby’s health, even up until your water finally breaks. For some women, sex can even help speed up your journey to labor and childbirth when the time is right.

If you experience difficulties with sex because of discomfort or if you’re considered a high-risk pregnancy, discuss your options with Dr. Fozouni

10: DON’T: Continue bad habits

If you smoked or regularly drank alcohol before you became pregnant, it’s important that you now focus on quitting for good.

Smoking and alcohol use throughout pregnancy can increase your baby’s risk for a low birth weight and long-term development issues, like learning disorders and behavior problems.

Dr. Fozouni can provide you with helpful resources for quitting alcohol and cigarettes for good without stressing out you or your baby.

If you’re expecting a child and need high-quality prenatal care, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fozouni today online or by calling the office.

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