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When you have stubborn fat that isn’t responding to diet or exercise, SculpSure® body contouring can give you the results you’ve been looking for. Derakhsh Fozouni, MD, in Palm Springs, Florida, understands that how you feel about yourself on the outside impacts your health on the inside, which is why he offers aesthetic treatments to help you reach your fitness goals. To see if SculpSure can help you achieve the figure you’ve always wanted, call Dr. Fozouni OB/GYN & Associates or schedule an appointment online today.

SculpSure Body Contouring Q & A

What is body contouring?

Dr. Fozouni offers noninvasive body contouring as a way to sculpt your body or face without medication or surgery. He performs body contouring treatments using advanced laser technology, so there’s no risk of scarring or infection, and no downtime.

Body sculpting treatments use laser technology to eliminate fat in different areas of your body, including:

  • Back and belly
  • Arms and shoulders
  • Thighs and love handles
  • Under the chin and the neck

To help you achieve a slimmer figure, Dr. Fozouni uses the state-of-the-art SculpSure body contouring system.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared laser therapy that destroys fat with heat.

This precise body sculpting technique delivers heat to your fat cells beneath the surface of your skin. Because of its advanced design, SculpSure raises the temperature of your fat cells without damaging your surrounding skin or tissue. Once your fat cells are impaired, they die. Then, your lymphatic system flushes them from your body permanently.

SculpSure destroys up to 24% of the fat cells in the treatment area in a single session. Dr. Fozouni recommends SculpSure in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise to provide long-term weight-loss results.

What are the benefits of SculpSure treatment?

In addition to eliminating fat, the SculpSure body contouring system comes with several other benefits, including:

  • Clinically proven results in six to 12 weeks
  • Comfortable and easily tolerated treatments
  • The ability to treat multiple areas simultaneously
  • Safe and effective fat loss for all body and skin types

The warming heat of SculpSure also triggers collagen production, leading to firmer, more supple skin in addition to providing fat reduction.

What can I expect during my SculpSure treatment?

SculpSure treatments with Dr. Fozouni typically take about 25 minutes.

During your appointment, Dr. Fozouni adjusts the temperature of the SculpSure laser to apply a comfortable amount of heat to your pocket of unwanted fat, so you remain comfortable throughout the entire session. After your treatment, you can resume regular activities.

You begin seeing initial results approximately six weeks after your SculpSure procedure. As your body continues to flush dead fat cells from your system, you see more improvement. You can expect to see maximum results 12 weeks after your treatment.

Based on your body contouring goals, Dr. Fozouni may suggest multiple SculpSure treatments.

Call Dr. Derakhsh Fozouni in Palm Springs, California, or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about SculpSure body contouring.

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