Banish Stretch Marks with Laser Therapy

Millions of women have stretch marks, and while they’re extremely common, having them can cause you to feel self-conscious. Women often find themselves covering their stretch marks with clothing or trying a host of creams and compression garments that claim to get rid of them. If you’re looking for a way to minimize those unwanted lines, getting laser therapy at Dr. Fozouni & Associates just might be the solution you’re looking for.

Understanding stretch marks

First, you should know that there’s nothing wrong with having stretch marks. They’re perfectly natural, and they occur when you experience rapid growth, such as during pregnancy, weight gain, or puberty. Genetics can also play a role in your chances of developing stretch marks. When you grow quickly, your skin stretches rapidly, and stretch marks can develop.

Stretch marks get their appearance from collagen bundles that have torn apart. The top layer of your skin contains collagen, which gives your skin elasticity. Collagen allows your skin to stretch and snap back to normal. When rapid growth stretches your skin, and collagen bundles tear, the skin appears wrinkly from a lack of collagen in that area.

Stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks are especially common during and after pregnancy. Many women start to notice them anywhere from 12-21 weeks after pregnancy. In many cases, there’s no way to prevent them. It’s safe to say that stretch marks are something to expect when you’re expecting.

By most estimates, roughly 90% of women will get stretch marks during pregnancy. You can thank the rapid growth of your baby bump for the purplish marks. And while some moms-to-be wear them with pride, you now have an excellent option for getting rid of them after pregnancy.

Laser stretch mark removal

Before advances in technology, women just had to live with stretch marks. Today, advanced laser technology makes it possible to minimize or remove stretch marks. The team at Dr. Fozouni & Associates can quickly and easily improve the appearance of your skin with Cynosure® Icon™ laser treatment.

The Icon laser uses fractional laser technology to deliver carefully selected energy into the treatment area. The laser targets your stretch marks and surrounding tissues to quickly break them down and trigger your body’s natural healing process. Shortly after the procedure, your body will immediately go to work creating new collagen and elastin. As new tissue develops beneath the surface of your skin, it will fill in the treatment area and restore your skin’s appearance.

What to expect

During your treatment, you can expect to remain comfortable as your provider guides the laser handpiece over the treatment area. You may feel mild discomfort, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. It’s normal to experience redness and swelling in the treatment area. The entire procedure should take about 30 minutes, and you should be able to return to your normal activities immediately afterward.

Stretch mark removal results

Over the next 3-4 weeks following treatment, many patients notice dramatic improvements in the appearance of their stretch marks and the tone and texture of their skin. For maximum results, it’s recommended that you get a minimum of three treatments. Treatments are spaced out several weeks apart.

Your doctor will put together an effective treatment plan after thoroughly evaluating your skin and discussing your goals.

Laser therapy benefits

Patients enjoy the following benefits of laser therapy for stretch mark removal:

The team at Dr. Fozouni & Associates has helped countless women improve their self-esteem using Icon laser therapy. If you want to find out how it can benefit you, book an appointment online or over the phone today.


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